News/Magazine Blog Concept

Everyone loves photos, and that’s the number one reason people click on posts, so why not create a blog entirely focused on photos? Our idea for a blog is that the homepage would simply be a collection of images, that are ultimately connected to full stories or blog posts. We based our idea off of tumblr and the fact that everything is photo-centric on that site. Below is a rough example of what we would want the homepage to look like.


On the left, we would have a navigation bar to guide readers to specific sections, as well as an about us page, a search bar and a contact page. The navigation bar would be a static function of the blog that would remain in place while scrolling through photos. Advertising space could also be sold as the same blocks that contain photos, which would require advertisements to be extremely visually appealing. When you hover over a photo a headline would appear towards the bottom of the photo in a transparent box so that readers know what they are going to click on. This would require that all posts have a photo, but we think that that is a great thing to strive for with a blog or news site. This blog would be the best of social media. It would be a beautiful collaboration of the best of tumblr, pinterest and instagram, with a hint of Twitter and Facebook.


By Skylar Frederick and Jill Holzheimer

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