Magazine/News Site Concept

Group: Nicole, Kim, Angelina, Pat

Concept: News, Celebrity, Sports, Events Site

A good example of the type of site we want to create is Yahoo. They provide everything from news to movie times, and thats the type of information we would like to put out there for people.

When you first click and enter our site, we would have our title at the top. We really want to identify our blog that way and for people to know right from the start what site this is. We would also have the date under the title.

We would also want a search bar at the top, this way our site is easy for people to use and to find what they’re looking for.

Under the search bar, we would have categories. With categories people can find categorized stories more easily. Specific categories we would include would be Sports, Events, News and Entertainment.

On the side we would also have the weather. People want to know what the weather is, so that will definitely attract viewers. It will also make our site consist of more variety since it has stories and weather.

Our sidebar will consist of a “Top 10 Things You Missed Today” List. So it will contain the top 10 news stories of that day.

Our main color theme would revolve around a sea green. Something calm and simple. A good example of this is the Huffington Post. They have a a type of sea green as their main color, and we would want something similar to that color wise.

We would also incorporate a  lot of images into our posts. This way we can appeal to readers visually. People enjoy reading, but it is good to have images as well to attract readers in that way also. We would also take all of our images from Creative Commons. This way we can be completely legal with our image use and not infringe upon any copyright laws.

We would have one font. We learned in the “10 Blog Layout Tips” article that typography is important, so that is why our site would only consist of the Arial font. We chose Arial because it’s simple, clear and easy to read. It would also make our site very consistent and neat.

For our background we decided it would be white. The white would really make our sea green color choice stand out and also make any another choices stand out as well. Everything is about drawing readers to your site and grabbing their attention. Color choice and background color choice are two big parts of that. We think white in correlation with sea green could really achieve that!

We would also make sure our site is spaced out well and definitely use vertical alignment. We would use vertical columns under the horizontal title, space bar and categories. This way everything again, will look neat and organized.

Overall, we would have a site that is simple and organized, but at the same time provides a variety of information! We think as a group that, that is a site people would enjoy.




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