Lauren DiCioccio’s Paintings and Blogging

Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings, though without words, can say a lot about blogging. Most of her paintings seem to be of layouts of different types of media, ranging from books to magazines. Each of the color dots looks like they represent words that could be found in any of those forms of media.

This is important to us because it shows us how layouts are important to the people viewing them. Because we are so used to the way different forms of media works, we were able to make inferences as to what each of her paintings represented. The line of dots on the very top of the pieces are obviously titles, the large mass of dots are most likely images, and so forth.

With DiCioccio’s paintings, we are able to see visually just how catching each different type of layout is for the people looking a particular medium. Without words to guide us, we can still tell if something is visually appealing or not. For people who blog, their goal is to get people to want to visit their site, read their material, and keep coming back. If they do not have a visually appealing blog, no one would ever want to stay on the site longer than they really need to. They would probably just pass over that blog and move on to the next.

DiCioccio also inadvertently shows how color and alignment is important. To start with, it may just be a stylized thing for her, using the color combinations that she does. But another part of being a visually appealing blog deals with what color to use in your blog so that people wouldn’t mind looking at it for a long periods of time. If you have really lurid color combinations in your blog, trust that it will be cancelled out of in a split second.

With the alignment, DiCiorccio shows how if things are aligned properly, the page looks neater and less cluttered. Her entire works are made up of clustered dots. If she hadn’t arranged them in the specific way she did, it would have just looked like a mess. Instead, they took shape to mean something more than just dots. This concept can be used for blogging because by setting up texts in a precise way with proper alignment, the blog page looks neater and more reader friendly. It makes it easier to navigate and accessible. This is also the case with setting up pictures properly too. Adding pictures could be difficult when you want the text to match. Alignment comes into play here. By putting text and pictures where they look the best improves the overall quality of the blog and makes people want to visit and revisit a blog. Her use of white space is also quite telling with blogging as well. It shows just how much white space is needed for certain mediums without taking too much room or giving too less of room.

In conclusion, though it doesn’t seem like it, her works shed a lot of insight into practices that are beneficial to blogging.

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