Lauren DiCioccio Art and Blogging

Viewing Lauren DiCioccio’s photos can teach us a lot about the overall layout of blogging. Her paintings represent how a blog layout can possibly look. It gives us an example of a blog page without words and represents how it can appear. Similar to “Tips For Laying Out Blog Posts”, Lauren DiCioccio is also giving us subtle tips. We are so used to these layouts in her artwork that we are able to identify examples of print advertisements, magazines, etc. With her use of colors and alignment were able to see some guidelines that she is offering. For example tip number four talks about photo layout templates, which relate because a customized photo layout can differentiate your weekly and monthly features from your regular posts. This is because when you use a consistent style for special blog posts you are attracting your readers and showing them it is a special blog post and should be read. This is similar to how DiCiccio’s art and how she changed the size of certain colors on the layout of her art. I felt that this was her way of saying that the text should be made bigger in certain areas or some parts were meant to stand out more than others.

Also in “10 Blog Layout tips”, they explain great ways to attract viewers. This related to Lauren DiCiccio’s work because she added in ways to attract viewers in her artwork. For example she added in some images in some of the work. I think she did this not only to attract viewers, but to show us where the best place photos should be in a layout of a blog to attract the viewers. Also, her work in relation to “10 Blog Layout Tips” shows great examples of uncluttered sidebars, the use of white space, and also her use of alignment. All of these are important in creating a successful layout and attracting others to my blog.

Most importantly the layout of her art helps us better understand what is important in a blog without all the text and information actually being shown. She managed to keep consistency with font size to show representations of a layout. Her use of typography also kept the page looking consistent and kept her different use of fonts limited (with her use of color and size) to show that it was not too busy on the page.  It really helps me see how I can improve my layout skills and identify what is more important from other things in a specific post. Her work is really unique and I think my favorite part about it is how she changed the size of the colors to signify text being bigger or smaller in certain areas of the page. The overall simplicity of each art piece helped me identify what it was. This shows that we all know what a good layout should look like. This can really help me improve my blogging skills and how I present my posts.


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