Dicioccio and Blogging

Lauren DiCioccio’s paintings present excellent examples of effective blog layouts. The images represent writing as an art form. For instance, various samples of article layouts are presented without words or descriptions. All “information” is depicted using colorful dots of vibrant colors. The size of the dots are presumed to indicate different font sizes as well as images. For example, images are represented using large, free-standing dots. Titles are portrayed using uniform sets of medium-sized dots that are arranged horizontally over smaller, continuous sets of dots. These smaller dots represent text in an article and are divided into paragraph by indentations or breaks in dot sets.

The choice of colors really emphasize these pieces as unique art forms. The vibrancy of colors contrast directly with the plain white background, and seem to “jump out” of the page. Perhaps the colors are symbolic of the word choice originally chosen in writing the articles. Neutral words such as “the, a, or and” may have depicted using neutral colors such as grey and dark blue. Exciting words such as verbs and adjectives may have been illustrated using bright, vibrant colors (green, red, orange). Images are generally depicted using the brighter colors to convey the wide variety of meanings that accompany any image. Titles are also illustrated using brighter colors, perhaps to emphasize the necessity of using exciting and captivating titles.

The paintings also emphasize effective use of white space. This background space is used to contrast against text and images and creates breaks in the page. This allows the reader to better understand all the features presented in the article because effective use of white space allows it easier for the reader to follow content. Thus, the white space allows for graphic balance in the articles.

The primary reason why DiCioccio’s paintings are effective in representing different blog layouts is that many readers are already familiar with the layouts presented. Even if certain formats are unique and unusual, our understanding of writing structure, and use of columns, titles, and images allows us to relate to unfamiliar pieces. In other words, viewers can draw from experience in order to understand the theme of the paintings. Thus, DiCioccio painting’s are artistic as well as informational and instructive because they expose readers to new and exciting layout styles. The wide variety of layouts also suggests that writers and bloggers are free to experiment with different layouts and adapt them to the occasion. A writer need not be restricted by the use of one single article presentation.

In short, the theme throughout DiCioccio’s painting is that writers should feel free to use a wide variety of article layouts. As long as writers present information in a clutter-free and easy-to-follow manner, any article layout may be used. One needs not be restricted by the sample of layouts presented in the paintings collection either. A writer should have the freedom to adapt his/ her written pieces to a layout, or adapt a layout to the writing.



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