Blog Layout

Mahd, Kristen, Emma.

Blog Content: Entertainment; movies, actors, television shows, music, books, etc.


As soon as you open up the website, the title big enough to catch eye. Navigation bar above the fold, located near the main headline. Main article heading would be big, and then an excerpt would follow. For the rest of the articles, there would be a title, a thumbnail picture, and then a snippet of the article with a read more. Use of infinite scroll, where all the stories and images are on one page. However, static navigation bar. A “back to top” button on the bottom of the page with other important information.

Banner of some sort on the top, like some type of logo on the left. Wrapper of the webpage would be a color, but where the pictures and text are would be white. Individual archive for each category for each page (ie. one for movies, one for actors, etc.).

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