2nd Annotated Biblography

Website Link: http://visual.ly/wordpress-statistics-and-numbers-2013

“Start Creating, Sharing & Exploring Great Visuals Today!” WordPress Statistics and Numbers 2013. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Mar. 2014. <http://visual.ly/wordpress-statistics-and-numbers-2013&gt;.

My topic for my research paper is again, why WordPress has made blogs more popular. In order to make that argument I am going to need to conduct research on WordPress. The website I have listed above is a link to Visual.ly.com, which on this specific page, showcases an info-graphic on WordPress. This info-graphic contains WordPress statistics taken from this past year, 2013. One statistic it gives is that there are 69 million WordPress websites in the world. That is a huge number and it is something I can incorporate into my WordPress research. It is also a fact I can potentially use to back up my argument of why WordPress makes blogs more popular. This is a very useful source. I am going to need info-graphics like this that provide me with statistics on WordPress. It will be vital for me to have statistics on WordPress so I can compare them to other statistics on websites that host blogs so that I can backup my theory that WordPress does in fact hold more blogs and that it has made blogging more popular. Statistics on WordPress can also provide me with reasons why blogging has been made more popular if there are ones that highlight the popularity of the specific features WordPress contains. I am going to need to do more research to find info-graphics like that as well! I am going to need info-graphics with statistics on WordPress but with more blog focused statistics, but this is a good start so I can begin to get some background on WordPress and be able to apply it to my topic. This specific info-graphic is very useful because it still provides me with that. Overall, I think this source will be useful to me. Like I stated before, it gives me not only a visual, but information on WordPress that I can use to learn about the site in general, and also information that I can apply to my research and topic.

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