Nude Media- How To Cover Up

Being a creator it is frustrating to not get credited for your work. In Kenneth Goldsmith’s, Uncreative writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age, describes the process of how media is stripped down. Being a creator your content is posted by you, but when someone copies and saves your work it is hard to maintain your credit. When new users post or repost your work the source is blurred every time. “Think of it as an ever-evolving game of telephone,” which is precisely the right idea; in the game of telephone someone passes a message to another person and as the message is passed out it becomes more and more skewered every time. Thus, it can be frustrating to content creators to have their work “stolen” or misguided, this creates lack of traffic and exposure for a creator.

This is important because one of the most important things when starting out is getting exposure for your work. Furthermore, the reading talks about the content of your work; when creating content for blog it is important to note the font style one is using. There are two styles of font described, sans seif, and seif, this is important to note because you can group almost any font into these two style. Also often times blogs can only support a certain font, for example certain blogs only accept times new roman and any other font would come up as distorted or met with  error.

Aside from misguided use of content there are certain features and websites that promote correct forms of sharing. Creative commons is a great site that promotes the right use of content and data for everyone. They provide a great user friendly system that anyone can understand.

creative-commons2For those of you who do not know about Creative Commons; they are a site that has royalty free content. They provide anything from images to music to data. They also have a great guiding system that allows users to understand what the content can be used for. They have five easy to know symbols that lets a reader know which type of licenses that content can be used for.
On the left you can see a representation of each symbol and what they mean.

It is important as a user and creator to know about Creative Commons because it fights what “Nude Media” depicts as a problem. Often times users do not know where or how to find content that is useable because, lets face it there is just too much content to browse through. So we just copy and paste because it is easier than combing through millions of sites, but with Creative Commons it makes it easy to user and easy to give credit to because it is all in one place for the user.

With sites like Creative Commons, creators and users can rest easy and not have to worry about their work going to waste. Also for users, they do not have to worry about legal problems with copyright issues and such.

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