How to Earn Bundles From Your Blog Without Ever Selling Anything On It

Tice, Carol. “How to earn bundles from your blog without ever selling anything on it.” Tuts Plus. Envato Pty Ltd, 24 Jan 2014. Web. 1 Mar. 2014. <–fsw-36810&gt;.


Though I have yet to see this on any fashion blogs, this article explains how bloggers can make money without selling any ad space on their actual blog. Instead, these bloggers sell ads on their newsletter that gets sent out to followers and helps bloggers make thousands of dollars. Though not all bloggers use this method of making money, this is a good article for my research because it shows an example of a way to make money as a blogger. The article provides hard evidence from people who have sold advertising this way, as well as the reasons why it makes so much more money. The end result is that viewers are less likely to share sponsored content on a blog and are often turned away by it. There are downsides to this method though. It changes the way your users take in your content, as well as the number of subscribers vs. non-subscribers visiting your site.


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