A Gold Mine Of Tips: A Beautiful Mess

Photo From: Abeautifulmess.com

Photo From: Abeautifulmess.com

Blogging can be a career when done right, often times we see people on blogs just reblogging posts and do not know how to curate our own content. On occasion we see people who try to do it right but fail because of their lack of knowledge and expertise. A Beautiful Mess gives us insight on six ways bloggers can improve their work. In their , “Tips For Laying Out Blog Posts” and “10 Blog Layout Tips” , they talk about how to attract viewers attentions through the aesthetics of one’s layout. Their first tip emphasized the use of cover photos, this instantly attracts viewers attention to a large picture. The next tip is captioning, this is a way to give the reader a brief summary of what the article is about. Next they talk about collages, this is important because collages help with loading time. Have you ever been to a site where there are just too many pictures on one page, and it loads super slow, it is because of all the pictures. With collages it takes all the photos and mashes them into one photo so instead of loading five individual pictures the site just has one to load. Tip 4 is the photo layout, when used correctly users will know which post is a weekly special or which post is “hot”. Next is tip 5, clip art is used to bedazzle a photo, this gives the photo a certain attractive feature rather than having the plain and simple one. The last tip in “Tips For Laying Out Blog Posts” is fonts. Fonts can be creative and unique, they give your post a different feel, also you can make a certain word or phrase stand out by utilizing different fonts.

Similarly, “10 Blog Layout Tips” also gives you insight on how to better manage and optimize your blogs visual appeal. This posts goes more in depth then the other one which talks about blog Posts, but they are still somewhat similar in concept yet they provide two different outcomes. Blog layout tips is the visual appeal of the whole blog together. This combines everything from spacing, pictures, links, information, posts, and alignment, to give the viewer a fluent and pleasing experience when browsing one’s blog.

Here are pictures of what a blog looks like before using the tips and after using them.

Photo From : Abeautifulmess.com

Photo From : Abeautifulmess.com

Photo From : Abeautifulmess.com

Photo From : Abeautifulmess.com 

You can see the big impact of what those tips have on the blog. One looks very cluttered, it has too much going on, while the other one looks more sophisticated and professional. Note the difference in the side bar also, the links are not grabbing the attention away from the posts in the after picture. Also the background is another big  improvement, in the before picture the background is cutoff and you see that the pink background is cutoff displaying the plain gray background. In the after photo everything is nicely bordered, spaced out, and the background is consistent.

These tips are goldmines to a beginning blog such as myself. Furthermore not only can these tips be used on blogs and posts, they can also be applied to anything visual.


  1. Great job! You did a pretty good job in covering the main points of both articles. I really liked the before and after images of blog pages you presented. These contrasting pieces emphasize the impact some of the tips on layout can have on a blog’s effectiveness. For example, the before picture is far more cluttered because of ineffective use of white space. However, the after image was presented very well because effective use of white space made it easy to follow the different features of the blog page.

  2. I liked the emphasis you put on layout and image because both of the articles we read for class both speak on it. The layout of a blog is vital because it’s what first catches the readers’ attention. If your blog is cluttered and messy or it looks unappealing, it doesn’t matter how great your writing is because no one is going to stick around to read it.

  3. You did a great job outlining all the important points from each of the two posts. Having a visually attractive blog is definitely important for increasing readership. No one wants a blog that looks cluttered and hard to navigate around. In addition, I never thought about the loading page time. A collage is a brilliant way to solve such problems. I have never made a collage before, but with this new knowledge I will give it a try for my own blog.

  4. I really like how you put both pictures of the blogs to give an example of layouts. I also really enjoyed your breakdown of each post explaining the tips given to be a better blogger. I was definitely able to take a lot from both of these posts to become a better blogger and I hopefully not make my layouts too cluttered. One of the tips you emphasized that I really enjoyed learning about was the different uses of font and how it can enhance the layout and design of a page. It is very important to have certain words stand out so that they can attract the reader. Overall, you did a really great job showing how important the layout is for blogging.

  5. You did a really good job picking out the important parts of the articles and giving a good outline of them both. I especially liked how you used a screenshot of the blog that took all the tips into consideration to make the blog better. It wasn’t until reading these tips did it occur to me how important they are. The one tip in particular that surprised me the most was the one about the photo collages. It never occurred to me that the more photos that are the used, the slower it takes for the blog to load and that loses readers. Having one massive photo with many others gets the job done, yet takes a shorter time for the blog to load. This is one tip that I feel would really help us as we go along making more posts for our own blogs.

  6. The layout and images on you had discussed in your article coincides with a lot of what the articles we read in class. I believe that the layout is essential for blogs because you do not want to have the blog confusing to read for the reader. If the reader cannot read it then it is pointless to be blogging. Keep it simple and have it easy to read.

  7. Great analysis of the two articles! I really like how you used the photos to show the difference when using the tips — that’s a great thing to keep in mind with all blog posts because often times photos are a much easier way to describe something then writing it all out. I think it’s really important to always keep these tips in mind when creating and maintaing a blog, but I also believe that there are things the two articles didn’t touch on. The tops honestly depend on what type of blog you have and what exactly your audience wants from you. It just depends and it takes more than just one or two articles to decide what’s right for your blog.

  8. Good job with finding the main ideas of both articles. I agree with everybody else, appearance is very important because if your blog is unattractive, nobody will want to read it.

  9. I think you did a great job highlighting all the main ideas of the two articles. I like the layout examples you gave because I agree with everyone else: layout is super important!

  10. I think your analysis was really well done. You gave detailed descriptions of both articles and showed the similarities and differences between them. You also gave your personal opinion on them, which was recommending them, which was good because you reassure people that these are tips you can trust when it comes to blogging.

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