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I was very informed after reading these two articles. They represent how to make the perfect blog and they give you information on both the more and less obvious aspects as to how to layout your blog. Some of these tips may be common knowledge which is what more of the first article, “Tips for laying out Blog Posts” focused on. Then there are more technical tips most do not know and this knowledge came more from the second article “10 blog Layout Tips.” Both present great tips in order to have an eye-catching blog!

In the first article, “Tips for laying out Blog Posts,” it is all about how to catch a person’s attention through visual concepts. These concepts consist of things such as colors, images, fonts, all the things that draw a viewer’s eye to something. I figured this was a very important aspect to blogging but I did not realize actually how much until reading these two pieces. The tip that interested me the most from this article would be number three, which was collages. I would not have guessed that collages caught the eye more than a single picture. My reasoning would be because there is a lot to focus on rather than just one picture. Turns out I was wrong! Not only are they attractive to the eye, they help speed up the loading time of a page from the consolidation of the photo. Everyone can agree that they are much happier with a page that loads quicker rather than having to wait! So this tip actually serves two purposes, the practical purpose and the fun purpose!

Then on the opposite side we have the second article, which basically gives tips on things that most people would not already know about. These are more technical things that many people would not realize that it actually does make a difference such as, white space, vertical alignment, typography and so on. These things focus more on how to set up your blog so that your viewer has an easy read while also being able to easily navigate through your page. You might think things such as a cluttered page may not matter but you would be wrong! Small things like this do make a difference even if it may be a sub-conscience one. I wanted to point out that there was a reoccurring tip I came across and that was colors. Using vibrant colors in order to direct the reader’s eye to where you want it to go has come up in both articles making it one of the most, if not the most, important aspects to a blog in my personal opinion. It makes sense when you think about it, in order for a reader to stay on your blog and actually get to the point of them reading your posts, they have to be interested enough so that they do not click out of it first. In order to do that your layout must be eye-catching so the little things such as colors matter just as much as the actual information that is being provided and so it is worth it to really contribute to all parts.


  1. This is a great response! You covered all of the aspects that I found interesting as well! I never really thought much about how a collage is more effective in a post, but it makes great sense.

  2. Great job! I also found the collage piece interesting in the first article. It makes sense that collages would be more effective at catching the eye than single pictures. The reason for this is the use of layout to enhance description. For example, a single image on a page usually has some ambiguity and can easily have more than one interpretation. However, a collage can be depicted and presented for more specificity, allowing the reader to achieve the desired interpretation.

  3. I agree with everything you said; while content is important, a blog should have staying power and format and layout definitely goes a long way. The utilization of white space vs. color is a very important aspect of blogging. Color can be used quite aptly to redirect attention and keep people interested in your blog. Content is ideally the most important thing of a blog but should come second to the layout which is the first thing people see. Accordingly, a blog’s layout should be easy to navigate and simple but is should also be pleasing to the eye.

  4. You have a very thoughtful and interesting response. Similar to you, I didn’t realize how great collages can be, being both attractive and decreasing the loading time of a page. Also, I liked how you point out the importance of color and using vibrant colors to direct the reader’s attention. I will definitely have to more pay attention to the colors of my own blog if I want to increase readership.

  5. You gave a very thoughtful and interesting response. Similar to you, I didn’t realize how great collages can be, being both attractive and decreasing the loading time of a page. Also, I liked how you pointed out the importance of color and using vibrant colors to direct the reader’s attention. I will definitely have to pay more attention to the colors in my own blog if I want to increase readership.

  6. This is a really great response to both of these posts. These were all great tips to make sure my layout is attracting readers. I really like how you emphasized the importance of making the layout simple and easy for the reader so that they don’t have a difficult time navigating through the page. I also liked how you mention collages as being a really attractive part of the layout. All of these tips can truly make it possible to have an eye-catching blog that readers will love.

  7. The whole thing about the collages is the tip that was really surprising to me as well. I also thought that having one photo each would be more eye-catching, but it turned out that a collage is more eye-catching. But it does make sense that having so many pictures on a blog page takes a long time to load. Having a collage of photos for an image heavy blog seems like a good thing. I also liked how you separated the two articles in distinct groupings, like how you said that the first article talked about things that people mostly knew about and the second article talked about things that people don’t really think much on. Overall, your analysis on the two articles brought up things that had captured my attention.

  8. In the first article, I really enjoy the collage piece. It is more eye catching and and is able for viewers to look at those than just a regular picture. The reader would be able to look to see what it means than just to look a random boring picture that does not interest the reader.

  9. Great job analyzing the two articles! I think it’s super important to always be learning new things to make your blog the most appealing it can be. It all depends on what your blog focuses on as well. You want to make sure that you are appealing to your audience while making sure that everything works well together and that it’s not too over the top.

  10. I also never really considered the benefit of collages until the author of the first article pointed it out. It seems like it would be visually appealing while also speeding up loading time.

  11. I was really surprised to hear that collages would make loading time faster. I actually thought it would have caused a longer lag time. After thinking about it for a little, however, it does make sense in a visual way to use collages instead of attempting to use a slew of pictures.

  12. I think you did a good of really highlighting the differences between the two articles and also highlighting the key points to take from each of them. well done!

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