Annotated Bibliography 2

“Restrictions on Internet Access and Mobile Apps Grow During Rouhani Administration.” International Campaign For Human Rights In Iran. January 9, 2014. Web. March. 2014.

In the article Restrictions on Internet Access and Mobile Apps Grow During Rouhani Administration, it becomes quite apparent that the problem of sharing and disseminating information is growing larger for Iranians even though an ease had been promised. During elections, then nominee Rouhani made bold promises that access to social media and all manner of platforms for writing, discussing and sharing the news and other bits of information that many find to be an implied freedom, would not be restricted under his administration. Unfortunately, as this article points out, since Rouhanis’ installation as President of Iran, access to dozens of popular apps and sites have been either restricted or eliminated all together. They have gone so far as to block apps like Tang, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram and many others. As Rouhani told NBC after his election “The viewpoint of government is that people should have access to all international information. Our monitoring and observations should be in the framework of protecting our national identity and moral values.” Herein lies the problem. Not everyone in Iran holds the same values as Rouhani, apparently. In order to circumvent the statements he’s previously made, apps like WeChat are identified as being a cause of marital trouble and are thus blocked as being a violation of moral values. It is silly distinctions like these that many governments, like our own, are able to effect policies that were never intended to be used in that manner. This article fits perfectly in line with my thesis and paper topic, as it illustrates clearly the need for bloggers and information sharers to continue to fight for their freedom of speech and overcome the tyrannical duct-taping of their digital mouths. It’s most interesting to me, having previously assumed that Rouhani was going to be a better leader for their country, that he actually adopts many of the same policies of his predecessor, albeit in a much more sly and underhanded way. His administrations actions in this manner will be something I keep a much closer eye on as I develop my paper.


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