Uncreative Writing/ Nude Media Response

From this article, Uncreative Writing, I can definitely improve my blogging skills. Before posting something on my blog I will make sure I look it over and make sure that all the work is completely created by me. It is important that my post is unique from others who are blogging about the same topic.  Also from reading this article it helps me understand even more why Creative Commons is so important. From the example given about nude media, it shows that some people feel very strongly about media used on the web and want it to be brought to others attention. This is a big reason why people get in trouble with the law for using others work. Although I somewhat agree with the article, in that media or work should not be taken from others, but sometimes there should be an exception. Obviously blog posts should be unique and creative by the blogger, but sometimes the blogger us using others ideas to give more information about the topic, not to steal someone’s work and call it there own. For example, in my blog I really like giving advice to help other’s plain there wedding, but to do so I sometimes may need expert advice from bridal magazines or websites who have been working with bridal longer. I may use some of there ideas to improve or incorporate into some of mine, but I am not purposely trying to steal their original idea. This article truly shows how people think that changing around the format or the font can make it a totally different article. I honestly think that people just aren’t aware of what is right or wrong on the web. Using others work is a major problem today, but people still do it. I think that people don’t realize the extent of it until they get caught or in trouble with the law. Most people think they are doing nothing wrong. For example a website like Pinterest I am able to take photos and never realized anything was wrong with that until I learned about it from Creative Commons how wrong it was. So many people are taking images from websites like this and probably have no idea where the photo originally came from.

Luckily, I was introduced to Creative Commons and will hopefully not run into any major issues when posting images on my blog. Hopefully more people can become more aware of these issues by reading this article about nude media and learning not to take others work. This also may help people become more creative without using others work.

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