Why is it important to use Creative Commons media?

After the discussion in class, I now realize that Creative Commons Media is essential for the use of blogging about the subject of your choice if you use media in the post. Copyright allows people to make claims of their work and protects the original owner from having their original work used freely around the internet.  Creative Commons Media also protects the users using the images on the blog because if they cite who originally owns the photo, the blogger is not in violation of anything. Therefore, each blogger will not be subject to any lawsuits for using any form a media because they have given credit to the person who owns the photo. Worse case scenario is getting sued, but normally owners of any form of media will ask you take down the media you have used in your blog. Its just easier to cite the user and not get into any trouble for using photos without any permission.

By using the Google search bar and using “Advanced Search” you can see what owners will allow bloggers and any form of person to use the images for free of use. This types of owners want their images spread so they can get recognition for their work as long as people site them as the owner of the photo.

For the user, Creative Commons Media, protects them from using images the right way by citing the work of the original author. It shows that the blogger has ben given permission to use the media for their blog. This shows that the user is free from any litigation or any messaging from the original author of the media from taking it down. As long as credit is given, then it is acceptable to use the media as the user wants. Roni Loren’s legal issues is a huge awakening for new bloggers like myself from trouble. Even though she was not aware of the legality of using media from authors without permission. She just loved to blog like everyone else in cyberspace and ended up being sued. Thankfully reading that article in class made me aware of all of the troubles of using media without permission. I am glad she is making it aware to all bloggers, new and old, that to be aware of the images you use on the internet, because it can and will come back to haunt you in the future.

For the artist or original owner of the media that is being used for someone’s personal use, Creative Commons media makes it known to internet users in cyberspace that any media produced by yourself is yours. This provides a title of ownership by providing recognition. Creative Commons Media, in my opinion, makes people’s original work noticed and provides access to more findings of your work through Flickr accounts, personal blogs, etc. Creative Commons Media is a wonderful tool for both authors and bloggers to use. Every person that blogs must use this in order to cover their bases.


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