Nude Media

Nude media change or are altered when they become nude or lose their original meaning when are taken out of context. The article mentions an example of an image of Tony Curtis that is depicted by the New York Times in both print and web format. According to the author, the NY Times loses its authority and does not have much freedom in terms of layout of their content is concerned. For example, formatting changes in terms of text size and text times when viewing the print and web versions of the same article. Even sharing an article via with web with a friend can alter the layout of the original article. If a user views the original web version of an article, he is likely to see extra content (i.e. advertisements) which may enhance the context of the article. However, if this user emailed this article to a friend, the nude media would be stripped of its original qualities. The author’s conclusion is that new forms of creative writing are more about the manipulation of free-floating media files.

As far as blogging is concerned, this article is important because it emphasizes the importance of format and layout on content. Bloggers must realize that their personal content is published on a public platform. Therefore, it is very easy for others to use the blogger’s work and manipulate and modify it to meet their own criteria. Thus, an author’s original work may be used by another individual for a different purpose and as a result, the work would lose its original meaning and context.

Creative Commons is essential for bloggers to protect their intellectual work from copyright infringement. If another individual wishes to use a blogger’s original work, he/ she must make sure to use proper citation, giving the original work’s author due credit. Otherwise, the user risks lawsuits for copyright infringement. Creative Commons is also very useful towards promoting collaboration of works. Under original copyright laws, works were protected under all rights reserved. Under Creative Commons, however, works are often protected under some rights reserved. Thus, users have the freedom of altering, modifying, and manipulating an author’s work to create their own original pieces. However, the user make sure to use the proper Creative Commons citations.

In conclusion, nude media is an interesting concept that refers to creative works in today’s society. The concept suggests that in this day and age, most creative works are published in the public domain over the internet. Therefore, all users with access to the web have access to another author’s works. Users often take portions of these works and manipulate and modify them for their own purposes. Such alterations to the media generally result in the original work losing its meaning and context. In order to safeguard an author’s intellectual property, Creative Commons is an effective tool for user’s to provide citation and give due credit to the author of an original work.


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