Nude Media and the Importance of the Article

As someone who is blogging, the Nude Media article could be seen as  a very important piece of literature about the internet. Sure it focused mostly on multimedia, but there were key things that could be taken away from the article that could help bloggers improve the way their blogs are read and the audience for which they are blogging to.

For one thing, while bloggers are free to write anything they want due to everyone’s First Amendment right it is difficult for them to see how what they write could be construed and absorbed by the public. People can get pretty heated when they are passionate about a topic and say things in ways that may rub their readers the wrong way. Sometimes, this happens without any conscious intention. The Nude Media article kind of hints on that when the author mentions that multimedia on the web can be saved and distributed in different ways by people who are reading the content. The source in which the public gets the picture or text or whatever gets lost in the long web of copying and pasting and saving. Bloggers need to be aware of the dangers that represents for their own intellectual and creative property and the use of other’s intellectual and creative property as well.

The author mentions the different ways media can be presented in different forms. He used a New York Times article as an example and showed how it differed in each form. The article in actual print looked different than it did on the website. And that in turn looked different from when the article is used to be emailed. The original writer of the article has no say exactly in how he or she wanted the article to look in any of these sharing platforms. It is this inability to choose the layout or text or even design of the content, that the author makes as his point to get across.

This relates back to Creative Commons in a certain way. With Creative Commons, as someone who makes their own content, they have a say in the ways their works can be used. There are certain attributes that are notated on each of the media found under Creative Commons. These attributes include being able to replicate and putting it on other websites, free use in any capacity, commercial use where you can use the basic image on objects, modifying and manipulating the image so it still has the basic features of the image, and so much more.


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