2nd Annotated Bib

Anderson, David. “How to Develop Yourself as a Blogger.” Kikolani. Kikolani, 6 Feb. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2014.<http://kikolani.com/how-to-develop-yourself-as-a-blogger.html&gt;

David Anderson describes five criteria necessary for an individual to develop himself as a blogger; create a brand, be unique, develop your expertise, define your audience, and keep them interested. In order to create a brand, the blogger must first establish credibility. This can be done by a written introduction, an audio podcast, and/ or youtube videos. The purpose is to show the readers that the blogger is just like any other individual with interesting views and a unique perspective. More importantly, it gives a face to the written word. Being unique is extremely important for a blogger to distinguish himself from million other bloggers. This can be accomplished by the blogger focusing and developing his strengths. Developing your expertise is also very important to stand out from the crowd. The blogger must make sure he is well-read on the topic he is interested in. Defining your audience helps the author to find a niche market for his unique blog. This is important because bloggers must first make sure to have a loyal fan base before expanding. Lastly, keep them interested entails that the blogger post new and interesting information on a regular basis.


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