1st Annotated Bibliography

Murphy Kelly, Samantha, Eric Larson, Petronzio Matt, and Warren Christina. “Topics: WordPress.” Mashable.com. N.p., 2005. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. <http://mashable.com/category/wordpress/&gt;.

My topic for my research paper is why WordPress has made blogs more popular in general. Part of my research is going to be looking into information on WordPress. This website I have listed here helps me with that. It is a section dedicated to WordPress on Mashable.com. In the top of the page is gives a small summary of what WordPress is, and some statistics associated with the popularity of the site. Then, below is listed all of these articles that are on Mashable that are related to, or that involve WordPress. I think this is a very useful source. Mashable is a reliable website and I think this source provides me with a lot of articles I can incorporate and use in my research paper. It gives me a lot of articles I could research and use to learn more about WordPress. The articles go back to the early 2000’s so there is really a lot for me to work with here. The one thing I will have to be careful of with the articles Mashable provides on WordPress is whether they are subjective or not. Some of Mashable’s articles are opinion based as opposed to just factual. I will have to make the articles I take as research from this page are factual and not opinionated. Overall, I think this source will be very helpful to my project because I can use it to research how WordPress has increased blog popularity overall. Many of these articles have statistics and reasons why WordPress is such a popular tool, so it should be a very helpful source.

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