Creative Commons Media

Creative Commons media helps to build a greater public domain for internet users. I think it’s incredibly important to follow creative commons laws, because like the article we read in class stated, pictures and writing are pieces of art.  They are created by the photographer, writer, etc for artistic purposed that they are proud of and worked very diligently to achieve.  Using someone’s photograph on your blog without permission is the equivalent of plagiarism.   Though I think Creative Commons is incredibly important for the use and spread of permissible pictures and the like, it’s a bit disconcerting to think about.  I know that I’ve probably broken this multiple times- on tumblr. and other sites such as pinterest it’s so easy to lose track of where photos come from.  I hadn’t realized this at the time (or actually thought much about it to be honest) but ignorance, like the author of the article we read in class stated, doesn’t absolve you.

I chose to center the focus of my blog on recipes for food allergies, so it would be a little odd if I tried to take picture off creative commons or another stock photo site.  The point is to try and make food that’s delicious and good for a college student with food allergies. I’m no chef (which is apparent from some of the concoctions I whip out), but for me the whole point was to share my experience. That wouldn’t do much good with other people pictures. More often than not I’m sure it wouldn’t even be close to being the same and come to think of it, I’d be a bit peeved if someone ripped off one of my photos (even if they are a little ghetto looking).  When not using my iPhone camera to document my life I actually do enjoy taking my good camera out and snapping a few photos. I’m actually a finalist in a photo contest right now for some of the photos I took when studying abroad in Poland and the Czech Republic this summer. I’m really proud of them. I don’t know what I would do if someone just stole them and credited themselves as the original owner. I can completely see the importance of why these licenses need to be in place.

I’m not too sure how I can contribute to Creative Commons with the stuff I’m putting on my blog. They’re mostly just pictures of sandwiches and messed up chocolate covered strawberries. I really doubt anyone is going to want to snatch those up. I mean if they really wanted them go for it but an iPhone camera is nothing compared to a legitimate trained photographer so they’d really be losing out. I’m sure there are other blogs out there that might need to use stock photos, but I think the best bet is to just try and do your best to take keep everything original.  I’m not positive if I would ever license my work to creative commons, but it’s always an idea.


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