Free To Use Content: Creative Commons

With millions and millions of content being shared every second everyday it is hard to regulate all the misuse of content. You have people not being credited for their work, and this can lead to problems on both ends of the spectrum. There are two perspectives, the user and the creator, each one with something to lose. I know that it is hard to find content that is of quality and suitable for your purposes but taking work that is not yours or not properly attributing work to it’s rightful creator can lead you into legal problems. In extreme cases you might see yourself with a lawsuit and having to pay a hefty fine, although your chances of encountering this case is small it can still happen. So you ask yourself, what can I do? Well the internet is a vast place for all types of content, creative commons is a type content that can be used along with some minor rules. These type of content are generated by users who allow people to either use their work for commercial purposes, as long as you attribute work properly to them.

This helps out bloggers or users because it gives them a open source of content that they can choose from. Bloggers do not have to comb the internet for images from google to see which one is copyright free. This allow users to come to a place where they do not have to worry about copyright issues and it also saves them time. All the content they need are in one place. Furthermore the rules and regulations for creative common content is easy to understand, it is very user friendly.

As a creator of content, you would want to make a profit or living off of your work. So you might think , well why would want my stuff to be free for people to use? Well if you are starting up any kind of exposure is good. By putting your content under the creative commons rules and regulations it will help you gain more exposure. By having artists and creators listing you or shouting you out in their content you will have a flow of traffic and exposure thanks to them. It is a win-win for both the creator and user. Furthermore, creative commons has many security standards set in place that is very user-friendly, meaning you can set your standards for your content at what ever level you want and users would be able to understand it. This allows you the creator the freedom to allow how much of your content is shareable.

Also with creative commons, there is a setting where you can allow other people to build on top of your work. This will allow growth in your project along with others contributions. You might have missed something or could have done something better, by sharing it other people can take your work and correct it or make it better. Creative commons is a great way for users and creators to come together.


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