Can You Make Real Money Blogging?

Williams, G. (2013, July 11). Can you make real money blogging?. U.S. News & World Report. Retrieved from

This articles begins to explain how hard it can be to make money while blogging. It begins by pointing out that when blogging was new and novel, making money was much easier, because so few people were blogging. But now that there are over one hundred million blogs, making money as a blogger is that much harder. With the downfall of the economy, less advertisers are buying up space on blogs, and the ads that they do buy cost a lot less, making the blogger nowhere near as much money as they used to. The article warns against relying on blogging for income, pointing out that it takes a very long time to make money from blogging, if ever. This article points out three key things to know about successful blogging: “making a living won’t come quickly”, “utilize your experience”, and “Blogging may not be digging ditches, but it’s mental work.”

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