Annotated Bibliography #1

Tina. “Blogging: From Hobby to Career.” Carrots N Cake RSS. N.p., 15 Mar. 2012. Web. 23 Feb. 2014.

This is a post on a blog called “Carrots n’ Cake” that explains how a woman was able to turn her hobby of blogging about keeping healthy and exercising into her career. She explains how it started out just to help her keep track of food and fitness, similar to a journal, and it turned out being extremely popular and liked by others. She also takes the time to explain each step it took her to achieve her dream job as a blogger. She gives ways to improve a blog and how she went about improving and perfecting to be successful. Her blog is a really great example of how you can make a career out of blogging. It also is very inspiring to read how it all happened.


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