Annotated Bib #1

Millburn, Joshua Fields. “How to Start a Successful Blog Today.” The Minimalists. The Minimalists, January 2014. Web. 23 February 2014.

This post outlines everything Millburn feels beginner bloggers need to know based on his own experiences. He touches base on practical issues like layout, hosting, and promoting. Most importantly, he discuses how important it is to want to blog for the sake of blogging and not monetary gain. He outlines 3 reasons why NOT to blog, and the top reason is “money”. He says that starting a blog with the intention of living entirely off of it is a bad idea because it is unlikely that you will make anything off the bat, but also because your primary reason for blogging should be that you love it and find it fulfilling.. Finally, he outlines 20 recommendations–tips and tricks for bloggers–which focus primarily on finding your niche and creating better content for your readers.


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