Three Blogs I Like

My write4you blog covers a wide range of scientific topics that may be relevant or useful to practically anyone. The blog caters to those who are curious to learn more about the applications of science and how they may affect you. The blog is essentially a hybrid of science and life hacks, with the generic title of “applied science.” Above all, the blog strives to remain informative and instructive. Topics range from explanations of common behaviors (i.e. sneezing, yawning) to the underlying physiological effects of environmental and biological cues (i.e. Why do we sleep? When and why to drink coffee?). Subjects of interest will mostly pertain to recent and newsworthy advances in science. After all, science constitutes a vast and growing field; what was fact yesterday may not be true today. The three blogs that I really enjoy include Gizmodo, Science Daily, and Lifehacker.


One of the blogs I chose on Feedly is Gizmodo, a design and technology blog that is part of the Gawker Media network, one of the most successful blog-oriented media companies. In addition to delivering news about consumer electronics, Gizmodo also does a fantastic job of covering various other science topics, including health and nutrition, medicine, pharmacy, etc. This broad category of science news is what attracted me to the blog in the first place. As a biology major pursuing the sciences and ultimately a career in medicine, I’m very interested in maintaining my knowledge on science and how it related to technology. The blog is very informative and updated nearly every day. Moreover, the layout and structure of the site are quite appealing. I am certainly not surprised that Gizmodo often ranks within the top 10 blogs category.

Science Daily

Another blog I chose to follow is Science Daily, which also covers a wide range of science-related topics. Instead of subscribing to the Science Daily home page, I chose to follow Science Daily: Health and Medicine. As I mentioned before, I think it is extremely important for me to maintain my knowledge of science and medicine if I am to pursue a career in these subjects. This blog offers a compendium of scientific journals and articles that are catered more towards an audience with some scientific background. My intention for this blog is to use the advanced scientific information dictated by the blog to supplement posts for my personal blog. Aside from its informative nature, the blog has an easy-to-follow layout and a great balance of image to text. I really like the fact that the blog posts are often primary articles and that the blog is updated daily.


Another blog I especially enjoy is Lifehacker. This blog actually inspired the idea behind my personal blog. Lifehacker is a blog of practicality. It’s primary purpose is to inform readers of how they can do things better. The blog also has a memorable and clever title and a really neat layout. For example, the blog does a really good job of using the white space effectively. Articles are not cluttered together and always have an accompanying image relevant to the article’s topic. One feature of this blog that makes it stand out among other blogs is the description feature. Usually, blog posts have the first few sentences of an article as the description. Lifehacker actually has a brief summary accompanying each article, which makes it very convenient to sift through and select various articles of interest.


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