Mahd Nishtar

Hi everyone I’m Mahd Nishtar and my first name is pronounced Mahad, which means, the guided one (I still don’t know exactly what this means).

Why am I so interested in names? Well I was raised in a culture where names have power. Perhaps that’s too dramatic; nonetheless, names have a way of shaping identities. For example, my father is named after Omar, a very influential Muslim caliph known for his bravery, fairness, and stubbornness. My dad embodies such qualities to a fault. He was brave enough to leave everything behind in Pakistan when moving to the U.S. with his family ten years ago. He has done a remarkable job of raising his three sons with a stern but fair hand. And he can be frustratingly stubborn once his mind is made. My mom’s name is Shazia, the Persian word for unique and beautiful. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room on this page to describe all the qualities that define my mom. Basically, I couldn’t imagine a world without her.


As you can probably tell, I’m a very family-oriented individual unashamed to express his admiration for his parents. Besides enjoying time with family, I have a bunch of hobbies that leave me time for friends and myself. For instance, I enjoy reading, creative writing, and playing the Irish harmonica.

Right now, I’ve set aside everything in preparation for the MCAT, the ultimate medical school admissions test. The only reason I’m taking 9 credits this semester is so I have enough time to pretty much study all the time (except during class of course). Otherwise, as a senior graduating this May, I would have loved to take a few philosophy and psychology classes, somewhat related to my Biology major and Economics minor.

Anyway, I look forward to blogging away with you guys this semester!


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