By Gawker Media

By Gawker Media

One of the blogs I chose on Feedly is Gizmodo, a design and technology blog that is part of the Gawker Media network, one of the most successful blog-oriented media companies. Gizmodo was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas. Since then, it has spread to various other countries, including Australia, the U.K. and Brazil. The blog generates revenues of about $6,500 per month and remains quite popular to date, usually ranking in the top 10 blogs category.

In addition to delivering news about consumer electronics, Gizmodo also does a fantastic job of covering various other science topics, including health and nutrition, medicine, pharmacy, etc. This broad category of science news is what attracted me to the blog in the first place. As a biology major pursuing the sciences and ultimately a career in medicine, I’m very interested in maintaining my knowledge on science and how it related to technology. Because science represents such a vast field that is constantly growing and changing, I feel it is my responsibility to stay informed, especially if I hope to one day contribute to this subject.

I also find the layout of the blog quite appealing. The blog page has a very simple layout that is easy for anyone to follow. For example, at the very top of the page is the title, which is memorable and easy to recall, despite its mundane font and black color. Below that is the section title, Top Stories, which immediately directs the user to the most relevant and visited topics of the day. The Top Stories category is especially important for me because it saves me the time of navigating the website to find the most interesting stories. More often than not, these stories tend to appeal to my interests.

Below the Top Stories category is the Today category, where all current science articles are located. After browsing through the Top Stories, I immediately sift through Today’s articles. This area offers the diverse science news articles that makes Gizmodo so diverse in its coverage. While the Top Stories may be limited somewhat by news on technology, the Today category is home to a variety of scientific topics. Here, I can find articles on medicine, health, nutrition, space, etc. The Today category is followed by previous days articles, all recorded chronologically.

The ratio of images to words is also quite balanced. As a reader who enjoys the occasional visual cues, I find this balance to be quite engaging. An image or GIF accompanies each news article, relevant to the topic at hand. Browsing through these images is especially helpful in sifting through numerous articles. The news description next to each image also does a fine job of summarizing the content of the article. These descriptions are usually succinct and presented in an active voice that serve to draw the reader’s attention.

In short, I believe I have made a fine choice in including Gizmodo in my RSS reader. The blog is very informative and updated nearly every day. Moreover, the layout and structure of the site are quite appealing. I am certainly not surprised that Gizmodo often ranks within the top 10 blogs category.


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