Creative Commons

I think its significantly important to use Creative Commons, especially if you are in a situation where you aren’t in a position to run a blog and also be creating your own media. It definitely is much more of a time-consumign endeavor to have to sit down and take perfect shots for whatever it is you’re trying to use on your blog. Therefore, having other options can be a great way to still keep your blog interesting and relative, without just depending on your words. I think its a great thing to use because you’re attributing to a web of people who, for better or worse, worked really hard to create that media. It’s always a good thing to give them credit, but also help share that work in a responsible way. I would hate it if my writing was tossed, or passed around without my knowledge and with no one knowing it was originally my work. That would absolutely crush me, so I can see the importance of giving the right attribution, even if photography or other forms of media don’t mean all that much to us. Also, if you think a particular work of media is great enough to use on your own blog, that person is probably really proud of their work as well. Give them the exposure that they deserve, and the little pat on the back that says: Hey this person did an amazing job. Go check out his/her stuff. I think that’s a great way to support each other in our individual modes of expression. I certainly wouldn’t feel opposed if someone was sending people my way based on something good that they saw on my blog. I think its a great way to pay it forward responsibly, and to also cheer each other on.

I try to take all of my own shots, just because it’s really hard to talk about a recipe or a certain wine without showing the steps involved. This also makes it easier on myself when I go back to write my post. I don’t have to worry about properly giving credit to anyone other than myself. But like I said, I can also appreciate that not everyone has the time to do this, or can even remember to snap a picture of everything they are involved in doing. For that reason, I am thinking about contributing my own photos to Creative Commons, that way its more accessible to people who may make use of it. Photos aren’t something that are particularly important to me, and I don’t mind if people are sharing my stuff. I can also appreciate the fact that anyone would even want to use my pictures, amateur that I am. Anyway, at the end of the day just like we are taught not to plagiarize in our academic pursuits, I think this is equally as important. If we can be responsible in all of these different aspects of our lives then maybe people would be more apt to share even more of what they do. I would hate for a great photo, writing sample, piece of music, or any other creative product to be hidden away just because people feared that someone would take it from them. I think its our job to make the internet a little bit more of a safe-worthy place.

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