Creative Commons Importance

It is important to use Creative Commons because that way we know which media is okay to use and which ones are not. This is extremely helpful as people who make blogs because that way we would not be sued over using work that someone else made, who did not want other people to use it. The article we read in class about the dangers of blogging gives us a cautionary tale. The person blogging did not know that what she did was illegal because everyone else was doing the same thing. Sure a situation like hers is very rare, but it can still happen. And that is the scary part. A lot of beginner bloggers are unaware of what it actually means to be putting up posts on the internet. They may agree to the “Terms and Conditions” page when they first sign up for a website, but I highly doubt anyone truly sits down and reads what it actually says because agreeing. By using Creative Commons, and other online platforms like it, we are making sure we are using media that is approved for usage. No one will be able to take offense or make a lawsuit against you for using media found on those sites provided as long as you are following the right attribute protocol.

Additionally, while Creative Commons helps users, they also help the people who own images and put them up online. Giving credit where credit is due is very important, especially for people who make their livelihood on the work they produce. Seeing someone else use it and not attribute it to the source is not only frustrating but also very saddening. Their work is being used without their permission, and if that work is being used to make money, then they are missing out on a chunk of cash that they are entitled to. Thus, with sites like Creative Commons, only media that is approved could be used.

Copyright laws for posting other people’s works and media on the internet is a gray area that continues to get grayer as more forms of social media gets introduced. Linking back to source material is becoming difficult and people are unaware when they are crossing over the line because it is so obscure. I feel as though online platforms like Creative Commons are going to be needed more and more as more people start using the internet more and more. Especially for people are promoting their own brand and are self-employed. The livelihood of owners of the media found on the internet depends on the work they put out.

In my opinion lawsuits happen mostly when a very popular online platform uses someone else’s work. The media is viewed by more people, and that is publicity that the owner the work wants.


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