Creative Commons

It is important to use Creative Commons media because the sharing of media that hasn’t been correctly copyrighted is a huge problem on the web. It is important to recognize who should be getting credit for a photo and Creative Commons makes this possible for all bloggers. Giving credit to the person who created the image is just as important as doing academic citations in a paper. Without using a website such as Creative Commons, people may have a hard time figuring out what can and cannot be used in their blog post. Creative Commons gives you access to all photos, videos, or music on the web that can be used by others and reposted without any ramifications. This makes it easier for all bloggers so they don’t have to worry about using a photo that is copyrighted and not allowed to be re-published by others.

I am constantly using Pinterest and other websites to share photos, and I never really realized I should be using these websites with caution. Just by taking a photo off of Pinterest and posting it on my blog could cause me to get in trouble with the law. I also thought that attaching a link back to the original website to the photo would be enough credit, but apparently that is something to beware of as well. When citing the work of others on your blog posts there is really no set way to do it as long as it is as clear as possible. Commenting under the photo or attaching the photo back to link where it came from is usually a good way to go about doing this. This is only okay when the person who took the photo has given you permission to repost the photo. That is why Creative Commons should be used because it helps you find a photo that follows all the rules of blogging and posting. Creative Commons is also a helpful guide in creating a successful blog without any problems or issue. It can really help prevent you from making major copyright errors.

A blogger can take advantage of Creative Commons as both a user and a creator because they have the opportunity to share their photos and let others use them without companies making a profit off of them. Also as a blog creator, you would have the opportunity to encourage readers to re-publish your blog posts and they would give you credit. Creative Commons, most importantly, wants to help all bloggers from getting in trouble with copyright issues. They truly want to help you promote your blog and be all that it can be with no worries in the way. Using Creative Commons is really in your best interest to becoming a successful blogger. Using all of the tools they have to offer can guarantee that you will be following all copyright rules when using and creating on the web.


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