Creative Commons

There are so many reasons why it is important to use creative commons media. First off, you don’t want to get sued! If you’re taking pictures from non-creative commons sites, chances are, you’re doing something illegal, and if you’re caught you will have to pay up. You might think that you could talk your way out of it, but honestly you never know how the owner of that work will respond. In order to avoid getting into trouble by using media that isn’t yours, the safest thing to do is to use creative commons media. Though sometimes the results can be limited and not exactly what you are looking for, using creative commons media actually saves you a of time and money. In addition, someone worked really hard to take that photo, create that video, or record that song. By stealing it and posting it on your blog illegally, you are pretty much giving a really big virtual slap in the face to creator and discounting all of their hard work. If you had taken that photo or recorded that song, wouldn’t you want credit? Using creative commons media  is the best way to ensure that you don’t find yourself in legal trouble. It can also enhance your blog when you don’t have the opportunity or resources to create your own media.

There are many ways a blogger can take advantage of creative commons media. Say you are blogging about your upcoming trip to Brazil, but since you obviously haven’t been there yet, you have no pictures to use for your post. This is where creative commons media comes into play. You can easily find an image of Brazil that is legal for you to use, as long as you provide proper attribution. Often, people like to add music to their posts or videos, but aren’t so musically talented. Creative Commons allows you to legally use songs to buff up your content, saving you from lawsuit and saving your audience’s ears from any horrible singing or guitar playing. Though it’s always safer to just take your own photos, it’s often impossible to do so for your blog, unless you have a food blog like I do, and therefore have all of your content right in front of you. Creative commons is kind of like a fairy godmother that is there whenever you need it.

As a creator, creative commons media is a very easy way to get your work out into the public. Yes you can post your work on Facebook hoping someone sees it and wants to higher you. But once you post something on Facebook, Facebook owns it, so the licensing changes and it’s no longer yours. Creative commons works very well for users who are broadly searching for something. As a creator, you have a greater chance of having your work seen if you post it on creative commons. Creative commons is very helpful and is a great platform for showcasing your work because it will not only show up on your own blog but it could show up on hundreds of other blogs as well.


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