Three Blogs I Admire

1. The Blonde Vegan 

I have been following The Blonde Vegan for awhile now, after finding her account on Instagram. All of her food looks so delicious, and compared to the majority of other foodie and fitness accounts I follow on Instagram, The Blonde Vegan actually lives in New York. I really like the simplicity of this blog. The layout is clean and the color scheme is simple, as to not distract from the content. I also like how her blog is sophisticated and well put together and includes icons and links to all of the other ways you can connect with her on social media. As far as content, I really aspire to be as creative and interesting as The Blonde Vegan. All of the posts are incredibly detailed, but not in an overbearing kind of way. Rather she really takes the time and effort to make her posts helpful to her audience. I also really like how the blog isn’t just recipes, but also contains reviews, helpful hints, and even a little yoga inspiration on the side. I also like how the corresponding Instagram account is updated constantly, and the blog is updated once every couple days. By following her on Instagram, I easily get inspired but don’t have to wade through paragraphs of text. The only thing I don’t like about the blog is that because she lives in New York, she has access to healthy restaurants at food stores at just about every corner. Here in New Brunswick we don’t have that and I wish that she would try to cater to that type of audience as well.


2. Garden of Vegan

This blog has some of the prettiest and most simple food pictures I have ever seen. All of the photos appear to be taken in the same place and I just love when bloggers make the effort to make the pictures beautiful, which is something I am struggling with. I also really like all of the different pages the blog has, such as “Breakfast”, “Lunch & Dinner”, “Snacks” and “Food on the Go”. This makes navigating the blog very easy, and its much more organized than just having a recipe page. I like that there are multiple posts every couple of days. The food is very creative and artfully presented. I don’t like however, that the posts don’t have corresponding recipes with them. They have ingredient lists but that’s it. Whenever I’m looking at beautiful food pictures I want to know how to make it and I wish this blog would tell me!


3. Vegan Housewives

This blog is clearly more than just a blog to its founders and rather is a career. It’s not just a side note or a hobby, but the main focus of these women’s lives. This blog has everything from recipes to tips to clothing. I really like how the blog features veganism in all aspects of the lifestyle. The blog includes vegan fashion, how to travel as a vegan, and even how to date as a vegan. They really hone in on everything you could ever want to know. I really like that with blog it feels very personal. All of the posts are conversational and when reading them you feel like you’re listening to your best friend talk. I also like how the blog breaks it down into even more than just vegan. There are categories for gluten-free, sweets, homemade and even how to prepare vegan food for kids. The only thing I don’t like about this blog is the layout. It is very cluttered and a bit overwhelming and distracting. There is a row of categories on the top, but then there is another set of categories running along the side. There are ads and links and pictures and graphics just everywhere and it takes away from the incredible content.


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