Food Allergy Related Blogs

Specific food blogs seem to dominate certain platforms, but when it comes to food allergies I’ve noticed a pretty large divide between the increasing number of cake, cupcake, cookie specialty food blogs and those geared towards people with food allergies.  Often times, food allergy blogs eliminate one allergen, which, for people with multiple sensitivities is frustrating.  They’re also usually made by parents that have food-sensitive children so the recipes are watered down or consist of “gluten-free turkey sandwich” …. Which is like, … really? The three blogs I’ve highlighted below range from best to questionable in terms of content and layout, but all of which I enjoy browsing.

The Food Allergy Blog has a very simple layout which is easy to navigate which is fantastic, but there is no pizzaz. Colors are monochrome and there’s not a huge pull to keep browsing the website.  She does have great bread and sweets recipes- I just wish she continued to update. She hasn’t posted anything in a while, so I’m assuming that this blog is now dead which is shame.  There was a lot of promise for this one.

My favorite food allergy blog is probably The Food Allergy Queen. She tackles really intricate meals but has a very understandable voice (if that makes sense). She lays it all out for the reader without diminishing our intelligence.  I find that a lot of food allergy blog written by moms and such tend to talk down to their readers, which turns me off sometimes.  The Food Allergy Queen is really personable and has a wide variety of recipes. She also has multiple food allergies so it’s easy for me to follow her instructions to the t. (I’ve actually gotten some of my best recipes from her site). She gets really cute with the pictures of her food, which I really appreciate because if the pictures on a food blog look wonky, I’m less inclined to want to try it.  This, along with the bright, appealing color scheme of her blog is really attractive to viewers. It’s no wonder she has such a large following.

Allergy Moms is ranked one of the best food allergy blogs out there, because not only do they have recipes, but it has actual articles that follow issues in the food allergy sphere.  I think that duality of the blog adds a great element because it addresses and republishes scholarly articles about really important information for people that have anaphylactic allergic reactions. The only thing that really is a deterrent  is the way the blog is laid out. It’s really difficult to maneuver and it’s obvious that aesthetics was not the blogger’s number one priority.  Allergy Moms is more focused on getting the information out rather than making it look pretty. Honestly, I think this blog just needs a little splash of color and then it’ll be the mecca of all food allergy blogs. To be honest, because the information is so informative I often don’t even mind that the aesthetics are lacking.


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