Three Blogs

The Impulsive Buy is food review blog. Products that this blog review are either new, limited editions, or improved products.  Some products that they review are healthy, while others are considered junk food. One thing I like about this blog is that it has a comedic tone to it.  For example, under a picture of yogurt they wrote, “This looks like a tasty way to consume micro-organisms.” I also like how easy it is to navigate through their blog; they categorized all products very well.  Furthermore, on some of the posts, I like how the author gave the serving size, price, and location of purchase for the product.    A thing that I didn’t like was that some posts were very brief. To illustrate, they would post a picture with one sentence underneath it, while there were other posts with three paragraphs.  The overall template of the blog was too simplistic.  There were no unique fonts used and the title looked plain.

The next blog that has a similar focus as the one I want to create is called Lunch Box Blues.  Lunch Box Blues is also a food blog, but instead of reviewing food products, the blog presents ideas for making healthy lunches for kids to take to school.  In my own blog, I will review food products as well as provide recipes on healthy lunchbox ideas for college students.  One aspect of the blog that I like is the professional photography used.  The color variety and the placement of the food in the lunchbox or on the plate make the dish look very appetizing and attractive to the readers.  Similar to The Impulsive Buy, this blog is very easy to navigate around because on the sidebar there is a long list of categories, making it easy for me to find what I am looking for.  Some interesting categories the author created are, “left over pasta magic”, “do ahead lunches”, and “finger foods”.  One thing that I dislike about the blog was that each post did not have a bullet point list with all the ingredients listed.   The author did not even give the amount of each ingredient one needs to recreate the lunch.

Junk Food Guy is the third blog I picked.  This is a food review blog, critiquing a variety of junk food products.  The first thing that caught my attention was the title of the blog located on the top of the page.  It is a picture of a hand covered with cheese powder, holding a Doritos chip with the title of the blog on it.  I thought this presentation of the title was much more creative than the other two blogs.   Another characteristic I like about this blog is the number of pictures the blogger took.  The blogger would take multiple pictures of one food product. He even takes a picture of the nutrition label, which the readers might find helpful and convenient.  In addition, it seems like the blogger creates a post daily, keeping the readers up-to-date on new products.  The tone of the blog is very casual and comedic. Overall, this is a very well done blog and I could not find anything to dislike.  This is a really good blog that I can look at while making my own.

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