Blogs I Like

The first blog I saw that I really liked is called “Style Me Pretty”, known as the ultimate wedding blog. Just by looking at it I knew I liked it, but I immediately realized nothing I was looking for was easily accessible. I was initially confused because the blog is called Style Me Pretty but once I am on the main page of the blog it is titled Little Black book. It has a brief description of being the ultimate wedding blog, but doesn’t really have any elaboration on the main page. It just immediately begins showing posts. I also wanted to learn more about the blog but the about link was impossible to find. Overall the layout and design is really pretty and the blog looks very successful, but the navigation was a little too difficult for me to understand.

Next, the blog I looked at was called “Love My Dress”, which is a wedding blog that is glamorous and vintage inspired. This blog was much more easy for me to navigate. The header of the page included all of the information I needed to navigate easily through the blog and to find out all the information about what it has to offer. This blog was also much more specific compared to the first one I looked at that was just a general blog that posted anything related to weddings. I really liked the frequency of updates, but I felt that some posts were too long to be on the main page. If I’m not completely interested in one of the posts I may want to scroll to the next one quickly, which in this case was difficult. Another thing I really liked about this blog was descriptions under each photo. A lot of wedding blogs I have looked at include mostly pictures of ideas for weddings, but don’t include much writing. I also thought it was interesting how this blog included a side bar of information on both sides of the post, where as most blogs I have seen only have this on one side.

The last blog I chose to look at was called, “Wedding Chicks”. I thought that this blog would be much more exciting based on the name, but the layout was actually very simple and basic. I didn’t really feel that this blog really stood out as being different from other wedding blogs besides the name. Posts on the blog are updated frequently, but are mostly just pictures and very lengthy. I also didn’t really like how the title of each post was very small. This made it difficult to tell the separation between each post. Around the majority of the posts were a variety of adds. This made the page very busy. Although this blog was my least favorite out of the three that I chose, It still was a very successful blog and had a lot of informative wedding ideas to offer.

The one thing I noticed that the majority of all wedding blogs have in common is the simplicity of the overall layout of the page. All three of these blogs I have researched will help me improve my blog and help me include what I think is important for the layout.


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