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There is a wide variety of blogs on the web that cover various aspects of the subject of writing, as I have intended to do with my blog. Here is a list of just a few I have come across which I have found aspects I’d both like to emulate and avoid while developing my own.

The first of these blogs is The Renegade Writer. This excellent site provides many useful articles on a wide range of writing topics from topic generation to methods of self-publishing. While I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from reading this blog, it has a specific leaning towards the “freelance” writer, which is something I will personally try to avoid. While I will certainly be speaking to any freelance writer who cares to listen, I do not want to narrowly focus my target audience to that degree. As far as aesthetics are concerned, the format is fantastic. It’s very simple and to the point. The blog provides easily searchable content that has both relevant pictures attached and post titles that stand out. Another aspect of this blog I would like to avoid is their promotional side. They offer E-Courses, Phone Mentoring and Free E-Books. While these are all great services for some, my goal is currently not to profit largely from self-developed strategies as much as it is to help share the wealth of strategies that exist already. The links and navigation aspects as well as their update frequency seem consistent and well thought out.

Another blog that has similar content to my own, The Write Practice is one that I came across when trying to decide on a title for my blog. While it’s title is similar to that of my own, it’s format and content are quite a bit different. The first and most notable aspect of this blog is the immediate offer of a free book, 14 Prompts, as written by the blogs author Joe Bunting, for anyone who subscribes to his site via email. This is a little much in my opinion.  One thing that I do notice as I look through the various posts on this blog is that the owner is not the only contributor. Many of the posts are authored by various different names, some including even just the attribution “by Guest Blogger” I love the idea of having guest bloggers and other people of note help share their own information through my own blog. This not only functions as a way to get more information out there, but also brings about other people to your own blog that might otherwise have not found their way. I also love that it has a list of recent comments featured easily on the side, this helps you get a sense of what is being talked about without having to sift through the mountains of articles.

The final site I’d like to discuss here is Positive Writer.  Like The Write Practice, this blog immediately features an enticement to sign up for a free e-book via email subscription. Again, while this I’m sure is a clever way of keeping traffic on your site, it is not one that I am prepared to handle nor willing to. This would require a formula of my own, which I have yet to even consider nor attempt to develop. I immediately noticed that the blog is missing a search function, which to me seems to be an extremely important piece of any blog. If I were to come here looking for specific information on a specific topic, how should I find it? Do I need to search by category and then filter those articles through the use of Ctrl-F and a defining term. Sure, this may work, but only if the words I’m looking to find are in the title or excerpt provided on that page. This blog also features guest contributors which I love, and a wide variety of topics. It’s layout/theme is simple and effective, but again, the lack of search functionality detracts from it’s outward appearance. I plan to provide my readers with every available option as far as search capability in order to promote a relaxed and unobtrusive environment. I feel this will keep them coming back. Like any other sites, this one for me would not be a normal stop for my information gathering.

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