Three Blogs I Follow

The three blogs that I chose to talk about are blogs that not only have my interest by their subject matter, but also by how they show off this content.  A National Geographic tumblr blog, Gizmodo and a blog called Crumblepop.  Each of these blogs have a different type of element that I would like to incorporate in my final product for a blog and I think that by viewing these I can get a lot of helpful ideas and hints on how to succeed at that.

First off we have the National Geographic page.  This blog is great because of how simple it is.  It is all about pictures, just older, high quality, captivating images.  Huge pictures that take up a big portion of the screen when you first click that you are forced to focus on the pictures at hand.  I want my blog and the pictures I post to have this same dominating affect when people come to visit.  The layout is very simple and that’s what I like about it, you go there to see these pictures and take in all that they have to offer.

The next one is Gizmodo.  A very popular technology website that talks about news and products in the world of technology.  One thing I enjoy about Gizmodo is how much information they give you.  You can choose from a bunch of different topics in the world of technology and they normally lure you in by a captivating headline of .GIF.  There are a couple downsides to Gizmodo as well though.  Sometimes the things that they are talking about seem foreign and confusing, and even I have trouble following along with what they are talking about.  I understand that the subject matter may be a little difficult but at times they don’t do much to ease you into that transition, they just give you this information and hope you make something with it.

Finally I picked Crumblepop as a blog to follow.  This blog has a lot to do with the video editing software Final Cut Pro.  It’s software that I’ll sometimes use when I make my videos but at times can be like learning a new language.  It talks about tips and tricks with the software and has some effects that you can buy.  The main reason why I chose this blog was because of the tutorial videos because I know I always get stuck a bunch when I work with Final Cut so it comes in very helpful.

My final blog I hope contains a few elements of all of these sites: the way national geographic boasts beautiful images for you, the way Gizmodo makes technology accessible and the way Crumblepop helps you out with tutorials and tricks.  Going to try and keep all of these aspects and get rid of the negative ones each site presents.


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