More Than Just Sneakers

The sneaker culture is vast, and it is more than just a pair of sneakers. Each pair has their own significance to the owner, with stories as crazy as being in a mob, or robbery. It is exciting, it is new, it is different. But the sneaker Culture is not for everyone there are many critics out their who do not understand the love a sneakerhead has for game. It is more than just about buying sneakers, there is a set of language that we have, and there are sets of norms, values, and beliefs we have, just like any other language. 

Thus, to start off my blog I think it would beneficial to enlighten you on the language us sneakerheads use.

Vocabulary terms

Beaters- A pair of sneakers we do not hold of any value. These sneakers are worn on a everyday basis, for rain, snow, any bad weather conditions. These sneakers are either fairly cheap and durable enough for sports, playing in the mud, or just to beat up.  ImageImage

Deadstock (DS)- These sneakers are “fresh” meaning they are brand new, out of the box, never worn, still factory laced.


VNDS- is very near dead stock, worn maybe once or twice but still shoes no signs of flaw.

Heat- sneakers that are highly sought after and are rare.

Holy Grail- This varies between every person because everyone has different opinions on sneakers, but this is the pair of sneakers that is one’s all time favorite. This is the sneaker that is the holy grail to them.

Bred- This is the term for the black and red colorway for a sneaker, highly used for the air jordan shoe line.

Hypebeast- These are what sneaker heads call when they see someone wearing what everyone else is wearing, these are the “bandwagoners” of the sneakerculture.

Rape- This is not used in the context of sexual assault, but rather it is used to describe the overly priced sneakers resellers want for a pair sneakers. 

Low baller- People who offer way to little in hopes of getting a deal, usually sneaker resellers look down on these people.

Steals- A bargain or a great deal.

GR (General release)- A shoe that is available in most sneaker stores such as foot action, footlocker, champs, etc.

LE (limited edition)- Sneakers that are limited in quantity, hard to obtain or rare.

Retro- Re-release of a sneaker, Jordan brand has many retro sneakers of their older models.

OG- Original sneaker, the first ones that came out.

J’s- Refers to Air Jordan sneakers.

SBs- Skate board sneakers


These are some of the sneaker terms that will help you carry out a conversation with a sneakerhead. I hope this post helps, please look forward to more. 

Thank you,




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