Feb 10 Assignment

Temptalia is beauty blog which features, primarily, swatches, dupes, and product reviews. She has a wide variety of products and posts quite often. I like that she has categories positioned at the top of her blog for easy access to the different pages. Her layout is pretty simple, which makes it easy to understand and navigate the pages. However, I don’t very much care for the mass amounts of ads. I understand she gets paid to display them on her blog, but they overwhelm the page and distract from her posts. I also like that she has sub-categories listed under most of the main categories. She has a search bar which is very helpful as well, although, I do not particularly care for the layout of the search results. Most of her posts are sweet and simple. I like that they incude links to each product and retail prices as well.

From Head to Toe is a beauty blog created by a YouTuber. Her layout is very cute but lacks the easily accessible category display that Temptalia’s blog had. There’s not much organization as to where to find different posts. You kind of just have to scroll through the archive or there are some things “labeled” but the label bar is all the way on the bottom right hand side of the page, which I would not have seen if I didn’t scroll down. Because this blogger is a YouTuber, she does not include a lot of writing, but rather the link to her videos. While I like that she links her videos to her blog and vice versa, I would have liked it better if she included a little bit more information. It seems redundant for her blog to contain mostly videos when she could be elaborating on the information in each video in her blog posts.

The Beauty Department is yet another beauty blog. I really like this blog because they provide easy picture tutorials, as well as, a detailed, written description. This blog also provides category tabs at the top of the page for easy navigation and I really like the cute theme. Unlike Temptalia’s blog, tbd does not have a million and two ads on their pages so it’s a lot more pleasing to the eyes and less confusing.


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