Book Blogs

Forever Young Adult: YA Literature for people who are “more A than Y”. Basically provides in-depth reviews for books, literary news, and TV and movie reviews.


  • System for reviewing is very consistent and entertaining. Uses characteristics and tropes of YA lit to be funny and engaging
  • Has a lexicon to outline the site lingo, which is specific to the genre
  • Has multiple contributors so they cover a wide variety of sub-genres
  • Daily posts


  • Front page is a little too picture heavy. It’s a little hard to navigate and it takes more time to load depending on how strong the connection is
  • While category names are whimsical and cute, they can be too vague too a first-time visitor (ie. “Hotsy Totsy!” is the category for YA news and gossip)

Bookslut: book reviews and commentary/criticism by a panel of columnists


  • Blog was established in 2003, so there are plenty of reviews
  • No limited to any specific genre
  • Commentary as well as reviews


  • Super boring theme and layout. Overall appearance looks very dated
  • Organizes posts only by month/year, so it’s hard to find posts that have similar ideas
  • Side panel ads are more eye catching than the design so they’re very distracting

Bloggin’ Bout Books: book reviews by a single contributor.


  • Master list of reviews
  • Master list of favorite authors w/ links to reviews
  • Fairly regular posts


  • Front page is overloaded with stuff
  • Design is pretty pedestrian
  • Too many buttons on display

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