Blogs Like Me.

I went on Google to search for blogs that are similar to mine. It took some time to find three that matched the topic of my blog, which is a college survival guide interspersed with some humor.

The three that I found were:

  1. Surviving College-
  2. How Not to Look Like a Freshman-
  3. On Campus RI Blog-

The one that I like the most out of the three that I chose was “How Not to Look Like a Freshman.” That is because the template that the blog uses makes everything look nice and neat. I also like how it looks like a newspaper with the way all the posts are organized in columns. My problems with it, however, stems from the fact that it is covered in advertisements and does not have an archive. That makes it difficult to see older posts.

The “Surviving College” blog has everything that it needs to be easily accessible and user friendly. The archive is located in the navigation bar. The template might be very simple and basic, but it gets all the information across. I would like to model my blog off of this one because it seems to be very beneficial for readers.

The “On Campus RI Blog,” while it has a wonderful picture of the school at the top, seems really cluttered and difficult to navigate through. The navigation bar has so many different sites within the blog to go through that it extends into two lines. However, it does have an archive and categories listed on the left.

After looking at these three blogs, I think I know how I want my blog to be. I want at least one image per post. Maybe some other media like a youtube link or a webpage link that would supplement what I am blogging about would also be something I want to do. With all the blogs I saw, I saw that they used Youtube links. Having different types of media seems to make the blog more interesting even if the template is very basic. Considering the fact that we have to work with what we got since we are using the free version of wordpress, making our blogs stand out with limited resources is a trying task.

Therefore, I think simple works best, and as long as I have a navigation bar that does not seem to cluttered I should be fine.

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