I’m still not too sure if I’ve been able to sync everything to my RSS reader, but in the process of sifting through bloglovin, I ended up following a fun little motley crew of blogs.  One of them is Bakerella. The blog is run by a woman who just tracks her baking ideas and shares the recipes but everything she makes looks absolutely delicious.  The layout is really simple and user friendly which I really like because despite being a member of Gen Y I’m pretty technologically illiterate.  The theme is really simple and has a pink and grey color scheme.  The header contains the name of the blog in script to the far left in white.  Under this, the navbar is located right on the immediate left above the fold. This makes it really easy to sift through all the different recipes and meal time experiments really easily. Going down a tiny bit more, the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc  share buttons are lined up neatly together.  Even lower than that, above the fold, Bakerella has a featured sweet.

If I’m totally being honest, I followed Bakerella because there was a huge picture of cakepops above the fold as soon as the page opened.  I’m all about cakepops. I’m pretty much all about desert in general, but since I have so many food allergies it’s almost impossible for me to actually eat any of it. So… that’s always fun. Either way, I decided I was going to live vicariously through this blog and see how long I will be able to stare at pictures of s’more cupcakes for. (So far it’s been a few days, but I’m expecting to move on to other yummy sweets soon!… sorry, cakepops, nothing personal.) Bakerella just seems really inviting to the viewer when you first encounter the website.   I spent a good hour and a half peeping a some of her recipes in hopes that I could tweak them a little to make them a little more allergen-free.  It’s very engaging without being too in your face. 



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