3 Similar Blogs

From “Bloglovin” I came across a great blog that is similar to the ideas of what I would like my blog to be like named “The Skinny Confidential.” This is a very advanced blog to the point where the blog title has been copyrighted! The first enticing thing about her blog is that the name is big and pink laying horizontally across the page. Right above that she has a navbar that separates the categories of what she blogs about. These categories are actually links that bring you to posts specifically about that specific category. I like how it is very organized, making it simple to navigate. This is a very likeable feature for someone who is new to blogging such as myself. The overall tone of her blog is very girly so it appeals to girls right away which is what I hope to accomplish with my blog. Her title is simple yet catchy  to a girls ear. Basically anything to do with skinny grabs a ladies attention. She makes it easy to read by keeping her posts short and sweet sentences separated by spaces in order to grasp an easy read. It is not set up in a paragraph format which I like. I also like that she posts frequently because that is how you know she truly enjoys blogging and so she instills time and effort into it. The only thing I do not love about the blog is that in her profile picture shes hiding her face. I think that seeing the whole person behind a project of theirs is important and helps you better connect with the author and their ideas. Overall, I love this blog and I aspire to create something similar!

I also followed a blog named “Fashion Squad” on “bloglovin.” This blog is also comparable to the likes of my blog in the sense that it has to do with fashion! My blog will cover more than just fashion but I followed this blog in order to get a sense of what just a fashion blog would look like. There are some big issues with this blog in the sense of its layout. It has a very plain, boring layout that is not eye- catching at all. There is no color or pictures which makes it very boring. They do not post everyday, they post about every 3 days which is not terrible, but also not a great amount for a blog in my opinion. When they do post, I like they way it is set up. She has a blurb describing the item she is posting about and then always puts a picture. I think pictures are great to use in blogs because pictures tell their own story! It is nice to have a visual to go along with a description. My favorite part about this blog actually would have to be the pictures. They also make for an easier readability. The title is catchy because that is what drew me in but unfortunately I was a little disappointed once I clicked onto the site. With a little revamping this site has tremendous potential!

The last blog I follow is named “Zoella” Again this is another beauty based blog. A big problem with this blog is the same as above. There is not much life or tone to the blog other than the posts. The life of the blog lies within the pictures she post to compliment her blurbs. The format is an easy read which is enjoyable but there is no theme or back ground but this did not stop her from gaining a ton of followers! Having so many followers is something that is enticing about her blog because even though it is plain and boring she was still able to interest so many people which means she has quality posts. This is definitely surprising though considering she only posts once a month which I think is terrible in the web world. The title is somewhat interesting because it is different, which you later on figure out is the authors name once you go to her bog. Her blog is definitely easy to navigate since she does not provide anything else on her blog other than her posts. I like more open-minded blogs with links to stores and such like “The Skinny Confidential” so that is something I will do differently than this blog. All three blogs have great ideas and posts but only the first blog impressed me with her overall site!

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