The Londoner

I used bloglovin to find three blogs to follow. I was a bit confused as to how to use the RSS and which of the many blogs featured on the site to subscribe to. At the end, through some trial and error, I was able to follow three blogs that seemed interesting to me.

I initially chose the blog “The Londoner” to be one of the three blogs I follow on bloglovin. That is because  I have come to  really like London.  Hearing the experiences of people who live there has become a hobby of mine since living there one day is a dream of mine. However, as I really started to read the blogger’s posts, it became quite apparent how quirky and interesting she is. I am quite glad that I chose her blogs to be one that I follow for the semester. Her online personality just seems to jump out of her posts, and she makes her everyday life experiences that seem so mundane more exciting and extremely vibrant.

Additionally, the template and theme of her blog makes it very easy to navigate, especially for someone like myself who is not all that experienced with the way the blogosphere works. The theme is simple in that it shows the titles of her blog posts, a cover photo, a few photos along the edge, and all the important information on the top of the page. To me, it seems that having a simple template and theme seems to be the best route to go if you want more people to appreciate your blog. “The Londoner” seems to work really well because not only is it simple and user friendly, but it goes really well with the type of blog it is.

One thing to note that is good about her blog is how her above the fold has all the important information any of her blog visitors may need to utilize. The header has the title of her blog neatly in the center, and all her links (such as “home”, “categories”, “London”, “shop”, “about”, and “search”) as well as the way to share via social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc are easily accessible in the navigation bar. Moreover, the most recent blog post is the first blog post shown above the fold. The rest of posts are shown as title, picture, and small text to explain what their post will be about.

Her blog also has an archive at the bottom, on the right-hand side. This is very beneficial for people that read her blog because they can go to any month they want and read the posts she had posted in the month chosen. Additionally, she separates her blog into categories which are accessible by clicking on the links in the navigation bar. Having an archive and categorizing the posts made on her blog, the blog overall is very user friendly and accessible.

I cannot wait to see what other posts “The Londoner” has in store as the year goes on.

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