Bleacher Report

When I was looking through Bloglovin, I came across an interesting sports blog, called Bleacher Report. I thought it was very fascinating of the categories of sports the blog had covered ranging from the main professional sports such as football, basketball, baseball, etc; to cricket and rugby. I joined this class  so I would able to give my own personal opinion about what is going on within their respective sports markets.  There is constant around the clock updates to make sure followers and fans get access to any breaking sports news information theta is released by a sports team to the public.

When I looked at Bleacher Report’s “About Me” page, I noticed that this blog was created by four lifelong fans in 2007, that wanted to have people on the internet to have access to breaking sports news. They dream of having it to be the go to blog for sports updates. Bleacher Report has even created an app, so you can personally follow your favorite teams through your phone, tablet, and computer with a wifi or data connection. Bleacher Report wants to set the standards for sports blogging and will continuously improve after they reach their goals. They encourage sports fans to comment on certain posts and to interact with different fans around the world. This allows people to be connected through social media and receive insight from sports fans around the world.

One of my favorite features about Bleacher Report is the ability to look within the archives of any month and given year up to 2007, the creation date. This allows sports fans and readers to be allowed not to stress about missing an editor’s or bloggers post on any given day because they can click on the archives section on the blog and see what they missed for the day, week, month, or even year. The authors of the different sports blogs are not biased to any of their favorite sports teams because they just write their own opinion about certain matters pertaining to different teams.

I find the title quite creative, due to the fact that it is a metaphor describing that us as fans are on the stands or “bleachers” and there are “reports” about any professional sports team that is playing around the world. It is such a unique way to relate to sports fans around the world to watch their favorite teams from the stands and want to know what is taking place within their favorite sports team.

The template layout is very cool in the way it is set up. It is very bold and eye-catching and allows readers to shift around the navigation bar to see what sport category they are trying to look for. It is easy to use and navigate and the pictures in the layout are high quality that you can see the blood, sweat, and tears coming from each professional sports player. If you are an avid fan of sports, I highly recommend checking out this blog and going through the categories of sports to search for your favorite sports teams.


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