A Beautiful Mess

gummy cookies

After browsing through bloglovin’, one of the blogs that I have chosen to follow is titled, “A Beautiful Mess”.  What caught my attention was the “above the fold” picture of cookies with gummies melted into the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day.  I love cookies and I love gummies, so what a brilliant idea!  “A Beautiful Mess” is a self-hosted lifestyle blog.

Located in the header of the blog, there is a “About” link.  I learned that the blog actually started out as a “just-for-fun” blog by a young lady named Elsie. “A Beautiful Mess” started during the summer of 2007.  Now, the blog is considered small company managed by four people; therefore it is considered a group blog.  I was surprised to learn this because I usually think of a blog being written by a sole author.

The overall theme or template of the blog is very pretty, simplistic, and colorful.  Not only does the header show the title of the blog, but also six categories viewers can browse through.  As I mentioned before, “A Beautiful Mess” is a lifestyle blog; therefore the categories include craft, photography, recipe, décor, fashion, and beauty.

Since the gummy cookies caught my attention, I decided to read that particular post and learn how to make it.  The post was very well done.  The title of the post states, “Gummy Bear Cookies” and it was posted on February 3, 2014.  Not only was there a list of ingredients needed to make the cookies, but there was also step-by-step instructions with pictures for each step. I believe that the pictures along with instructions make it easier for me to follow the recipe.  All the pictures used in the blog looks very professional.  At the end of the gummy bear cookie post, readers may leave comments.  Strolling through comments, many people left positive remarks, saying that the gummy cookies is a cute idea.

The permalink to the “Gummy Bear Cookies” post:


Next to the “About” link, I notice a blogroll with other blogs created individually by the same authors. In addition, there are social media tools on the top of the blog, making it easy for me to share this blog or certain posts with my friends through facebook and twitter.  The footer and right side of the blog contains random advertisements.  The advertisements are probably how the authors make money from the site. Furthermore, the sidebar of the blog contains an archive.  This makes it convenient for me to find all the posts made in December for Christmas recipes and crafts I can make to give as gifts! Also, if I do not find what I am looking for in the archive, I can always type in my topic in the search field located in the header of the blog.

Lastly, the contact info for this blog can be found by clicking on the “Job” link in the header. Currently, the authors are looking to hiring an iOS developer and an ABM digital director.

The URL to the blog:


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