Boho Weddings



‘Create the wedding you want, not the wedding you’re told to have!’

-Kelly Hood

     I chose to follow a blog called Boho Weddings that I was able to find on Bloglovin’. I chose this blog because I am extremely passionate about weddings, wedding themes, and all the planning that goes into it. Boho Weddings was set up in 2009 and is a UK wedding blog by Kelly Hood who is an award winning wedding planner. She fell in love with weddings after planning her own. She is able to push the blog forward with her passion for weddings and is open to everyone’s ideas and opinions for inspiration. This blog offers expert advice on alternative and unique ideas for wedding planning.  The blog is extremely informative, fun and inspirational. When I first saw this blog I immediately loved the boho theme. Everything above the fold was extremely colorful and artsy. It included the name of the blog and links that pretty much answer any question you would have about the website and planning a wedding. Everything is divided up into organized categories on the home page, in a navigation bar, similar to an index so that it is easy to find everything. The top of the page includes a search bar as well to make it easier to locate previous posts. When I am on the home page and begin to scroll down I immediately see a post that is dated and has a title. The posts are categorized and start with the most recent. Each post is separated this way with elaborate colorful detail. Most of the posts include many photos as an example of wedding ideas or wedding inspiration. Each post allows comments and feedback from the readers. It also includes the website URL if the photo was taken from somewhere else and tags of people who took the photographs or are related to them.  This is similar to a pingback or trackback when a website is linked to a blog post. Some of the posts are longer and only part of the post is shown, but you are able to click more to view the rest of the post. In order to keep the readers interest it is important to keep the posts in the blog shorter on the page of the blog. As I reach the bottom I see the footer, which includes copyright information, creator of the blog, and the date it was created. Also at the bottom I have the option of clicking a link to view previous posts in the blog or clicking a link to return back to the top of the page. Another thing I noticed about this blog was the sidebar. It had many links that led to other websites that were related to wedding planning and ideas, mostly photographers.  This blog is a great example of how successful a blog can become.  They emphasize the importance of creating the wedding that you want and they give you all the tools that you would need to make that possible. 


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