Sabrina Lui

Hi, my name is Sabrina Lui. I am from Long Island, New York, which everyone always confuses with Staten Island and sometimes even Rhode Island…


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Anyway…I am a senior, majoring in Political Science and History, as well as, minoring in English. Even though I am a senior, I won’t be gradating until next semester, hopefully. After I graduate, I’d like to potentially attend law school or find a job, whichever comes first really. Although, I’d prefer to find a job first, as the idea of law school scares the ish out of me.

Other random things about me:

  • I do not have my drivers’ license
  • I’m really OCD about numbers and colors
  • I like to snowboard
  • I have a really loud sneeze (sorry in advance for anybody I scare during allergy season…)
  • I am an only child
  • I love to shop
  • I like to play with makeup
  • If I could spend my life traveling, I would

I originally came across this class when my cousin and I were trying to find interesting classes for him to take this semester. When we found this one, I just decided to take it with him. It interested me because, for one, it is listed under Creative Writing, which I have always enjoyed and also, I have been interested in starting a blog for a while now but just never found the time to actually start. I really enjoy playing with makeup, as previously mentioned, so I’d like to start a blog which features tutorials, reviews, and other beauty related content.

Some of the products I’d like to review will be from beauty boxes I subscribe to. These beauty boxes are subscriptions in that they are like magazines, they come once a month and have unique products to try each time. Each box comes with about 5 sample products. My favorite subscription is Birchbox for only $10 a month. Another beauty subscription I subscribe to is Ipsy. Ipsy’s also good because they host an event in Los Angeles every year, where you have the opportunity to learn from famous beauty bloggers and YouTubers such as Michelle Phan and Promise Phan.

Eventually, I’d like to start a YouTube channel to post tutorials, reviews, and whatnot on but I’m a bit video shy, so I figured blogging would be the first place to start. I’m excited to learn new things about creating and maintaining a blog in this class.


  1. I also subscribe to ipsy, but I have to admit i’m not a make-up lover. In fact, i’m a little lost as to what to do because well I am the only girl with two older brothers haha. I would love to learn though, maybe i’ll check out some of you Youtube tutorials once you get started with them, good luck!

    1. You should try Birchbox! It’s a similar idea and same price but I find they have more variety between the makeup and skin/haircare products they offer. Plus you get points for reviewing the products you get each month which you can use to shop with 😛 And thanks! Hopefully, I’ll have the courage to start after I get more comfortable with blogging first haha
      P.S. if you check out birchbox and end up signing up, the link in my post is a referral link!

  2. Hi Sabrina,

    I LOVE makeup. My mom used to get beauty boxes all the time and I’d pinch from her 😛
    Have you ever tried the TARTE beauty box? It’s really nice. I also have a friend who does a lot of beauty tutorials on YouTube and has quite a following. If you’re looking to start, she might be a good person to talk to! Also: I’m an English minor as well. Yay for having things in common!

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