Introduction: Kim

Hey everyone! My name is Kim. I am currently a sophomore working towards a nursing degree.  I am not a very experienced blogger, only making one blog my whole life with about 10 posts. I work part- time in a grocery store called Wegmans; therefore if I were to make blogs I would like to write about trying new healthy foods.  I am always keeping an eye out on popular new products customers are purchasing.

Here’s a link to a blog I started in the past and wish to continue to work on:

From this class, I wish to learn more about how to make a blog look professional.  I only know the very basics about blogging, such as making a post, adding a video, and adding a picture.  In addition, I want to learn about all the features wordpress has to offer for making a blog.  As a nursing major, I do not get many chances to take a class that allows me to demonstrate my creative side and talk about subjects not related to science or nursing, but is still important to me.  I believe that reading blogs is a great way to keep up-to-date or see a different perspective on various subjects including, politics, movies, restaurants, etc.  Furthermore, I noticed that blogs are not like a formal essay or research article.  Blogging allows more freedom of expression.  A blogger can definitely develop a unique voice on a certain topic.

Another fact about me is that I am a commuter.  I take the train to school every day and I do not mind.  The train is a great place to study and less stressful than driving.  Rush hour in the New Brunswick can be a nightmare!

Some hobbies I enjoy include reading a suspenseful novel and watching various TV shows/movies on Netflix.  I am a big fan of Game of thrones and An American Horror Story.  Some of my all time favorite movies include Forrest Gump, Gladiator, and Saving Private Ryan.

I do not spend all my time on the computer or being a book worm as what my parents think. I am actually quite an active person as well.  Growing up, I played a lot of tennis with my family. In high school, I even played on the girls varsity tennis team.  Furthermore, I like to rollerblade in the streets, even though people think it’s a very 90’s thing to do.

In addition, I do not travel much. Actually, I have never been out of the country.  When I do have a chance, I would like to visit Hong Kong and Australia.  However, I have lived in other states.  I lived in Rhode Island and Ohio.  Out of the three states I’ve lived in so far, I enjoy New Jersey the best because it’s close to two big cities.  In addition, there are plenty of nice beaches here. In Ohio, there was just a gigantic lake… haha

Also, I am a big animal lover. I took riding lessons when I was younger and rode on a pony named peanut. Peanut was  afraid of rocks and one time, she walked off the trail path  because it was covered with pebbles and I got a face full of branches!  One of my dreams is to eventually own a dog, preferably a border collie. I can look at puppy videos on youtube all day.



  1. Hey! We have the same last name! Even though they’re spelled differently haha (at least I’m assuming it’s the same Chinese character since they’re pronounced the same). Are you Canto? Since you mentioned Hong Kong 🙂

  2. I love watching cute animal videos whenever I’m really stressed out or in a bad mood. You should watch the show Too Cute, it never fails to brighten my day.

  3. I love rollerblading so I am right there with you. Hong Kong sounds amazing. That’s one of the places I’d love to visit as well. My aunt lived in Rhode Island and I absolutely loved it there but I was still a visitor so it’s not the same experience you had, no doubt. lol nice to meet you! 🙂

  4. Hi Kim! I can relate to the commuter life, this is my first year doing it but it’s not that bad if you’re close by! I also would recommend studying abroad if you are looking to travel some day! I studied abroad for a month in England this past summer and it was an amazing experience. If you get the chance you should totally do it, Rutgers has some really great programs/trips! Also I see you are a sophomore! Take in every moment while you are here because the four years goes by so fast! I am a senior right now and so sad this is my last semester. Live it up 🙂

  5. Hi Kim!

    Your blog idea sounds awesome. I’m also a commuter, and I know what you mean about the traffic! It’s awesome that you’re taking a class to show your creative side 🙂

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