A Whole New World: Sneaker Culture

Hi everyone,

My names Jian Guo, but you can call me Jay. I am a Communication major and a entrepreneurship minor. I am Chinese, and I have over forty pairs of sneakers.


I use to collect them but it is a very expensive hobby so I stopped. One of my favorite pairs of sneakers are the Air Jordan 1 in the black and red color way. The simplicity of the design and the history behind this pair makes it iconic. This was the first pair in the jordan line. Now a days, this pair is highly sought after, retailing at $170 at your local sports wear stores and selling out within minutes and it is no surprise that people will line up for the newest jordan releases for days. Also things like robbery, and shootings are of no surprise either. The recently released Gamma blue 11s, added another story to the horrors but not uncommon culture of the “sneakerheads”



Furthermore, this desire and thirst attract the business minded individuals to the scene. For some this becomes a cash cow; with sneakers retailing at $170 and selling at twice the price or three times the price people have made fortunes.  In a post from the newyorker, describes the success of this business from the culture. In an underground store in NYC Chinatown, which I’ve been to, selling sneakers and street wear brands, Peter, has made well over 7 figures, just buying and reselling.

The culture breeds this sort of crazy, insane, and totally wacked out behavior but at the same time this culture also brings people together. For those who have nothing to do on a friday night sneaker campouts are another way for them to hangout with friends or make new friends. People connect through some sort of odd emotional experience by standing in line for a whole week through rain or snow. They share this kind of hardship and at the end of the journey they become friends, or the guy who fights you for the last pair. All in all, the sneaker culture is an enjoyable hobby if one can afford it.

As for this course, I took it to further my knowledge on blogging in order to create better content and to have a proper voice on blogs. With technology and social media on the rise, having a proper voice online is crucial in gaining more exposure and more audiences. In doing so I hope to gain a voice that is well known and liked. I want my voice online to have meaning and an impact behind them.




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