Hi everyone, my name is Angelina Santore and I am a senior at Rutgers University. I live in Long Hill, NJ and I attended Watchung Hills Regional High school. I have four sisters and one brother. I also have five nieces and nephews so I come from a pretty big family. My family is in the fireworks business and our company is called Garden State Fireworks located in Millington, NJ. Growing up with a fireworks factory behind my house is probably not normal for most people, but for my siblings and I it is pretty much all we know. It is definitely a very stressful business to be in and our busy season is obviously the summer.

When I first started college I attended Seton Hall University. I transferred to Rutgers when my twin sister and I realized that it was too difficult for us to be apart at different schools. I just started commuting this semester after previously living on campus the past few years so I’m still adjusting to this change.  I was previously a member of Greek life here at Rutgers. Although I  recently realized it wasn’t for me, I was able to make a lot of friends from Greek life considering I was a transfer student. I am also a current member of the Rutgers University figure skating club. The club was just founded last year so it is not very well known at Rutgers. Before going to college I represented Team USA for synchronized figure skating which was a really awesome experience. I had the opportunity to travel to Croatia and Italy to compete with my team. Most people have never heard of synchronized figure skating, but if you were to see it you would question why it still is not in the Olympics. I am still very excited to watch the 2014 Olympics that are starting very soon. All of my other siblings growing up played ice hockey so we definitely enjoy the winter games.



Outside of school I am a sales associate at a women’s clothing store called the LOFT in Bridgewater, NJ. I enjoy going to work very much and helping customers find the perfect look for an occasion. I’m still unsure of the career I want to pursue after graduation, but I just accepted an internship for Summer 2014. I will be going to Los Angeles, CA to intern with Bridal Bar wedding planning. Since I was little I have always been extremely passionate about weddings and planning events. I’m so excited for this opportunity especially because I have never been to California before. Although I am very excited it will also be extremely hard for me not to be home with my family during our busy season of the business.

Another thing I enjoy is going to concerts and listening to music. My two favorite bands are Third Eye Blind and the Zac Brown Band, which is kind of weird because they are opposite. I also love the beach and warm weather.


  1. Wow I am so impressed with your background! My sister and I always pretended we were figure skaters but we never had the skating talent, though both of us were dancers. Very jealous! Your internship this summer sounds like it will be really fun and exciting and you’ll get to experience a whole new city at the same time! Good luck!

  2. Ah! I hope you have such a great time in Cali. That sounds like an amazing opportunity. I can’t believe your family owns a fireworks company. That is absolutely crazy but really, really interesting.

  3. It still “blows” my mind your family owns a fireworks factory! When I was little I used to play with mini fireworks which you would just light with a lighter and run away as fast as you can. It probably wasn’t the safest thing to play that I think back. But the colors and chemical composition to make fireworks intrigues me.

    Also I think it’s really cool that you were such a accomplished skater. I love skating too except on concrete pavement haha. Like you, I am looking forward to the winter olympics I enjoy watching the bobsledding and figure skating event.

  4. Hi Angelina! I think it’s really cool you come from a big family. I do too and have a lot of sisters also haha Having a twin though must be pretty neat! Also, that’s sweet you like Third Eye Blind! They’re one of my favorites too. I love it when Semi-Charmed Life comes on the radio, I always blast it when it does lol

  5. Angelina,

    I just joined the figure skating club! I used to compete with synchro when I was little, but mostly skated freestyle. And: FIREWORKS. That’s awesome. Good luck in California!

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